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Children's facial painting water-based color-12 color PURE COLOR

Children's facial painting water-based color-12 color PURE COLOR

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Children's facial painting water-based color-12 color  PURE COLOR

Anka Bella's Natural Color Palette

Designed by Nancy
Designed by talented Chinese makeup artist Nancy. It can be used to draw flowers, butterflies, fairy wings, sunsets, crowns, and so on. Each carefully designed colour combination can be used separately or combined into the same design, as all colours can match well together.

How to use:
It can be quickly and easily applied using a wet brush or sponge. Facial paint can be easily removed with soap and water. Facial paint only contains high-quality FDA and EU-standard skin safety pigments and ingredients that are gentle for the skin. The product dries quickly and has an anti-fouling effect after drying. You can add the colours together after the base colour has dried, or mix them while they are still dry to create endless beautiful hues.

Regarding ingredients:
Anka Bella is designed by designer Nancy based in China and manufactured in China, ensuring the safest pigments. It does not contain p-hydroxybenzoate and is not made from animal by-products or tested on animals. Store the paint in a dry place, away from extreme heat, humidity, or cold. Use within 12 months after opening to ensure freshness.

✓ Vegetarian Friendly ✓ Not Tested on Animals ✓ No Gluten ✓ No Spices ✓ No p-Hydroxybenzoate A

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